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What is Compounding Pharmacy?

Understanding Compounding Pharmacies: Medicine Made To Suit Your Needs!

Have you been struggling with a condition that just seems to not be resolved with regular medicine? Have you visited a Specialist or Doctor and they’ve prescribed you with a medication that requires compounding? Upload Script – Request a Price! 

Now, you’re wondering, what is a compounding pharmacy, what do they do and where do I find one? 

Compounding Pharmacies have many solutions to many situations. They allow access to medicines that may not be available in Australia or can make allergen-free medication, if you’ve ever struggled to take your medication because of an allergy to an ingredient in regular medicine such as lactose, gluten, dairy, gelatin, sulphur, sulphate, magnesium stearate and the list goes on….?

Perhaps the regular available commercial medicine dosage is too strong or is not available in a way that is easy to swallow? The tablets might be too big, you might prefer a liquid, the flavour does not taste nice or it comes as a tablet and you might need it as a cream, ointment or liquid. If so, then compounding pharmacy could be the answer.

What is Compounding Pharmacy?

Unlike traditional pharmacies that dispense mass-produced medications from pharmaceutical companies, compounding pharmacies specialise in creating customised medications tailored to each person’s needs.

These specially formulated medications, known as compounded medications, to address specific challenges you might face with ready-made commercially available drugs.

Most Australians would have used a traditional local pharmacy to purchase generic, one-size fits all medications at some point in their lives 

A licensed compounding pharmacy can make medicines and other healthcare custom made products in its own local facility using individual pharmaceutical ingredients.

Think of it like baking a cake. You can buy a cake that is “ready made” and is sitting on the shelf waiting for you to pick it up and purchase it or you can order a custom made cake which is designed and baked they way you want it or need it to be. 

By law, we can only make up prescription-only medicines based on an official script from a licensed practising medical practitioner in Australia.

The growing complexity of modern life means that, more than ever, individuals demand control and choice around what goes into their bodies.

Compounding pharmacies give you that choice with personalised compounded medications for you, your children and even your pets. Find out more!

How can we help you?

Why Choose a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacies offer a range of benefits, they can help with:

  • Overcoming Allergies and Sensitivities: Many medications contain inactive ingredients like fillers, dyes, or preservatives that can trigger allergies or sensitivities. Compounded medications can be formulated to exclude these problematic ingredients, allowing you to receive the necessary medication without unwanted side effects.
  • Dosage Adjustments: Commercially available medications might not come in the exact dosage you require. A compounding pharmacist can adjust the strength or concentration of the medication to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive the optimal therapeutic effect.
  • Dosage Forms: Difficulty swallowing pills? Compounded medications can be formulated in various dosage forms, such as liquids, creams, gels, suppositories, or lollipops, making medication administration easier and more comfortable, especially for children or elderly patients.
  • Discontinued Medications: If a medication you rely on has been discontinued by the manufacturer, a compounding pharmacy may be able to recreate it using its active ingredients, ensuring continuity in your treatment plan.
  • Changing Flavours: Certain medications can have a bitter or unpleasant taste, making them difficult to take. Compounding pharmacists can add flavouring agents to disguise the unpleasant taste, improving medication adherence, especially for children.
  • Compliance: A compounding pharmacy can combine multiple medications into one capsule, to assist with remembering and improving a person’s ability to take their medicine.
  • Unavailable Medicines: A compounding pharmacy can make medicine that is out of stock long term, difficult to find or is available overseas.
  • Doctor’s Request: A compounding pharmacy can make medicine to suit your doctor’s prescription request, that may not be readily available in Australia.

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Allergies to Medicine

Allergen-Free Formulations: If you have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients in medications, compounding pharmacies can create formulations that are free from those allergens, ensuring your safety and well-being.

We make up your medicine fresh when you need them, and we skip all those artificial additives, if needed. So, you get the same effective medicine without any of the extra stuff you don’t need. It’s like getting a custom-made version of your favourite brand, but without the unnecessary stuff.

If you’re looking for a compounding pharmacy, it’s essential to find one that understands your allergy concerns and can tailor your medications accordingly. At My Compounding we make allergen-free formulations source our ingredients from reputable pharmaceutical facilities to ensure they meet your needs.

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Medication Shortages? Can't Find Your Medicine?

Are you having trouble finding your prescribed medication at the local pharmacy? You’re not alone. Sometimes, due to shortages or other reasons, it can be tough to get your hands on the medication you need. But don’t worry, there’s a solution: compounding pharmacies.

Compounding pharmacies are like the superheroes of the pharmacy world. They specialise in making customised medications tailored to your specific needs. So, whether there’s a shortage of your medicine or it’s just hard to find, a compounding pharmacy can step in and create it for you from scratch.

Here’s how it works: you bring in your prescription or work with your healthcare provider to get one, and then the compounding pharmacy gets to work. They mix up the exact dosage and formulation you need, ensuring that you get the right medication in the right form for you. Plus, they can often add flavours or adjust other factors to make it easier for you to take.

So, if you’re tired of searching high and low for your medication or dealing with frustrating shortages, consider reaching out to a compounding pharmacy. They’re here to make sure you get the medication you need, when you need it, no matter what.

Taste, Flavour, Texture....

Are you or your child struggling with taking medication because of the taste, texture, or sweetness? It’s a common problem, but luckily, there’s a solution!

Flavoured Medications: When you or your child have trouble stomaching the taste of a particular medication, compounding pharmacies can add flavours to make it more palatable. From fruity to chocolatey, they’ve got options to make taking medicine a little more enjoyable.

Compounding pharmacies are like the magicians of the pharmacy world. They can customise medications to suit your preferences, making them easier and more enjoyable to take. So, whether the flavour is too bitter, the texture is too thick, or the sweetness is overwhelming, a compounding pharmacy can help.

Here’s how it works: you talk to your healthcare provider about your concerns with the medication, and they’ll work with the compounding pharmacy to create a solution. They can adjust the flavour, texture, and sweetness to make the medication more palatable for you or your child. They can even make it into a different form, like a liquid, chewable, or even a lollipop!

So, if you’re tired of struggling with medication that tastes bad or is hard to swallow, consider reaching out to a compounding pharmacy. They’re here to make sure you get the medication you need in a way that works for you.

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Complex formulations

When you’re looking for a compounding pharmacy to prepare complex medicine, it’s natural to wonder what kinds of medications they can make. Compounding pharmacies are pretty versatile – they can whip up all sorts of customised medicines to fit your needs. Here are some examples of the types of compounded medications they can do:

Customised Dosages: Sometimes, the standard dosage of a medication isn’t quite right for everyone. Compounding pharmacies can adjust the dosage to suit your needs, whether you need a smaller dose for a child or a higher dose for an adult.

Alternative Forms: Not a fan of swallowing pills? No problem! Compounding pharmacies can turn your medication into a liquid, cream, gel, or even a lozenge or lollipop. Whatever works best for you.

Combination Medications: Sometimes, you need more than one medication to treat a condition. Compounding pharmacies can combine multiple medications into one convenient dosage, making it easier to keep track of your regimen.

Veterinary Medications: It’s not just humans who benefit from compounded medications – pets do too! Compounding pharmacies can make medications specifically tailored to your furry friend’s needs.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: For those undergoing hormone replacement therapy, compounding pharmacies can create customised hormone formulations to match your body’s unique needs.

Dye-Free Formulations: Some people have sensitivities or allergies to certain dyes used in medications. Compounding pharmacies can create dye-free formulations to accommodate these needs.

Topical Pain Relief: Compounding pharmacies can create customised topical creams, gels, or patches containing pain-relieving medications for localised relief from conditions like arthritis, muscle pain, or nerve pain.

Dermatological Preparations: For skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or acne, compounding pharmacies can formulate customised creams, ointments, or solutions containing specific ingredients tailored to address your skin’s needs.

Dental Compounds: Compounding pharmacies can prepare specialised medications for dental use, such as mouthwashes, oral gels, or preparations for oral surgeries, to address specific dental conditions or alleviate discomfort.

Nutritional Supplements: In addition to prescription medications, compounding pharmacies can create customised nutritional supplements, vitamins, or mineral preparations to address individual nutritional needs or deficiencies.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy: For individuals seeking hormone replacement therapy, compounding pharmacies can formulate bio-identical hormones that closely resemble hormones naturally produced by the body, tailored to individual hormone levels and needs.

Paediatric Formulations: Compounding pharmacies can create child-friendly formulations of medications, such as suspensions or flavoured liquids, to make it easier for children to take their prescribed medications.

Wound Care Preparations: Compounding pharmacies can prepare specialised wound care formulations, such as medicated ointments, or solutions, to promote wound healing and prevent infection.

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We provide personalised solutions

To meet the requirements of your prescription or specific needs.

Safety and Quality

Are compounded medicines safe?

At My Compounding Pharmacy, your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We understand the importance of using high-quality ingredients and adhering to strict quality standards to ensure the medications we compound for you are of exceptional standards.

My Compounding Pharmacy are affiliated with facilities that are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This means that our ingredients are sourced for trust, reputable pharmaceutical suppliers. Every step of the compounding ingredient sourcing to packaging, is conducted in accordance with TGA regulations to uphold the highest standards of pharmaceutical practice.

When it comes to ingredients, we source only pharmaceutical-grade materials from reputable suppliers. Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients undergo stringent quality testing and are manufactured to meet the highest purity and potency standards. By using these high-quality ingredients, we ensure that the medications we compound for you are of the highest quality and efficacy.

In addition to sourcing top-grade ingredients, we also invest in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to support our compounding processes. Our modern facilities are equipped with advanced compounding equipment and tools, allowing us to precisely measure, mix, and prepare your medications with accuracy and consistency.

Furthermore, our compounding pharmacists undergo extensive training and adhere to strict protocols to maintain the integrity and safety of our compounded medications. They are highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing personalised care and attention to each patient’s unique needs.

When you choose My Compounding Pharmacy, you can have confidence in the medications we compound for you. Your health and satisfaction are our utmost priorities, and we are committed to delivering the highest standards of pharmaceutical care.

How to find a compounding pharmacy?

Finding a compounding pharmacy closeby has never been easier. 

My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands is located in Sydney, New South Wales which is minutes distance to almost all areas around Sydney. 

Not in Sydney, no worries. The benefits of an eScript electronic prescription allows us to send medications via Express Post or courier service with our online prescription service. Online Prescription Service – Enquire Here!


Find the closest pharmacy to:

Canterbury Hospital – 9 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

Bankstown Hospital  – 10 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

St George Hospital – 17 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

Concord Hospital  – 19 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands.  “Get Directions”

Liverpool Hospital  – 20 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

Sutherland Hospital – 25 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

Campbelltown Hospital  – 33 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”


Other Local Hospitals:

Westmead Hospital  – 27 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

RPAH Royal Prince Alfred Hospital – 27 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

St Vincent’s Hospital – 27 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands.  “Get Directions”

Mater Hospital  – 27 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

Prince of Wales Hospital – 27 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”


The Beaches Hospitals:

Royal North Shore Hospital – 33 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

Sydney Adventist Hospital – 40 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

Northern Beaches Hospital – 40 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”


Find a pharmacy near the Children’s Hospital:

Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick – 27 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions”

The Children’s Hospital Westmead – 27 minutes to My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands “Get Directions

Compounding Pharmacy Online

Do you offer online services?

Yes, you can upload your prescription online, and we have an online shop where you can purchase many medications and a wide range of non-prescription products.

If you’re struggling with medication adherence due to allergies, dosage issues, or unpleasant taste, a compounded medication might be the solution you need. Contact My Compounding Pharmacy Roselands today to schedule a consultation and discuss if compounded medications can benefit your unique healthcare needs.

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