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Compounded Antibiotics: Your Solution, Customised

Our pharmacists understand that everyone’s health needs are unique. That’s why we specialise in creating compounded solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Here’s how we can help make your antibiotic medication experience better and personalised:

1. Allergy-Free Options:

If you’re allergic to certain ingredients found in medications, don’t worry! Our compounding pharmacists can prepare your medication without these allergens. This means you can take your medicine with comfort, knowing it’s suitable for you.

2. Solutions for Swallowing Difficulties:

Struggle with swallowing pills? We’ve got you covered. We can transform your medication into a form that’s easier to take, like a liquid, a gel, or even a cream. Say goodbye to the hassle of swallowing large, uncomfortable tablets.

3. Custom Flavours:

If the taste of medicine makes you cringe, we can make it more pleasant. Our pharmacists can add flavours to medication, making them more enjoyable to take. This is especially helpful for kids who might be fussy about taking their meds!

4. Removed Additives:

Prefer your medication without any artificial colours, flavours, or other additives? We prepare your medications in their simplest, most natural form. You get the treatment you need, without any extras that you don’t.

Custom Made. To suit your Script!

No script? Our pharmacy lab has a solution for you!

At My Compounding Pharmacy, we’re committed to providing medication that fits your needs. We work with your prescriber to ensure your medication is suitable for you. It’s pharmacy, made for you!

For more information on how we can customise your medication, contact us or to get in touch with one of our compounding pharmacists, visit 183 King Georges Rd Roselands NSW 2196. We’re here to make your medication journey smooth and suitable for you!

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