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Pet Compounding Pharmacy

A pet compounding pharmacy can make custom medication in personalised dosage forms to suit every pet.

And that’s important because pets come in an even greater array of shapes and sizes than us humans.
From gold fish to geckos, rats to cats, and dogs ranging from a tiny Chihuahua to a 70kg Newfoundland, the range of pets is enormous.

And when it comes to choosing the right medication to treat illness, this variety can be a challenge for vets with access to limited stock medications and for anxious pet owners too.

Pets can also be extremely fussy and difficult patients to treat. If you don’t believe it, try getting your cat to take a pill when she doesn’t want to.

Pet compounding pharmacies can offer a range of solutions to make sure your pets get the very best care.


Our compounding pharmacy provides the solution when mass-produced, generic commercially available pet medications don’t work for your pet. We can work in consultation with your vet to produce customised medication for all your animals including:
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Horses & other large animals
  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small animals
  • Birds & Reptiles and aquarium critters
Many medications used in veterinary practice are similar to those used in humans but they need to be tailored for animals.


Drugs can become difficult to obtain for a number of reasons. And because Australia imports most of its medication supplies, drug shortages and supply chain problems can often occur.

Drug manufacturers frequently discontinue animal medicines if they’re not profitable enough.

The sudden disappearance from the market of an effective drug can make it very difficult to get the appropriate treatment in the right dosage form for your animals’ complaints.

And it can be especially frustrating if the lack of supply issues hit in the middle of a course of treatment.

We can make any unobtainable or discontinued medications to match those you used to get from standard veterinary practices.


Getting your pets to take their medicine can be extremely frustrating.

Dogs and cats can be especially talented at sniffing out the crushed pills you’ve so cleverly hidden in their food. And forcing medication into unwilling pets can be stressful.

Our compounding pharmacists can personalise your pet’s medication to ensure they’re getting the correct dosage and make the flavour more appealing too.

We can offer a wide variety of flavours that will appeal to even the fussiest taste buds and noses.

It’s about putting the treat into your pets’ medical treatment.

Sometimes, your vet will need to change the formulation of a standard medication to make it easier to administer; turning a tablet into a solution or a cream for example, as your veterinarian determines.

Our veterinary compounding pharmacists can make up custom medication to suit every situation.


Many regular animal medications come in a narrow range of standardised doses and formulations.

Your vet may decide that a smaller (or higher) dose offers the best treatment model for your pet but that dose or package size may not be available in a single convenient tablet or solution in standard commercial medications.

It can be really difficult to break large tablets into the right sizes for the correct dose or measure out a solution precisely so that your pet is getting exactly the right amount each time.

A compounding pharmacy is perfectly set up for compounding medicines to match your vet’s instructions.

And, in discussion with your vet, we can even combine multiple drugs to make them easier for your pet to take. We’re here to make everyone’s life easier..

Custom Made. To suit your Pets!

Our pharmacy lab has a solution for your pets!


Yes. All compounding pharmacies must obtain their raw ingredients from approved and reliably certified sources.

Independent testing laboratories holding certification from the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) or the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) test all ingredients on a regular basis.

Our pet compounding pharmacists use only the highest quality ingredients and industry-leading standards of hygiene, equipment calibration and product freshness are the hallmarks of our compounding laboratory.

Our demanding standard operating procedures (SOPs) help to ensure consistency throughout the compounding process..


Registration and strict controls govern pet compounding pharmacies just as they do with any traditional pharmacy.

Pet compounding pharmacies must abide by all Australian and State pharmacy regulations as set by the Pharmacy Council of NSW, The Pharmacy Board of Australia and other authorities..

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