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Finding the Right Compounding Pharmacy for Your Pet's Prescription

When your vet provides you with a prescription that requires compounding for your pet, it’s crucial to find a compounding pharmacy that is reliable and skillful in preparing pet medicine specific to their needs.

Compounding pharmacies are specialised chemists where pharmacists and compounding trained staff prepare custom-made medications according to the specific needs of your pet or animal’s prescription.

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What does a pet compounding pharmacy do?

Compounding pharmacies are different from regular pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies can make custom medications for just about any pet. Unlike regular pharmacies, these specific chemists can change how the medicine is shaped. They can also change the way it tastes, and how much your pet needs to take. This makes it a lot easier for pet owners to handle their pets’ health problems with personalised treatments.

Does your pet need a special dose, has to avoid certain ingredients because of allergies, or will only take medicine if it tastes good, a compounding pharmacy can adjust the medicine’s form, strength, flavour, and ingredients to better meet your pet’s needs.

We compound medicine for:

  • Cats & Dogs

  • Horses & other large animals

  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small animals

  • Birds & Reptiles and aquarium critters

Why Choose Compounding for Your Pets?

Customisation: Just like people, each pet has its own health needs. Compounding pharmacies can make customised medicines, including allergy friendly versions. This makes medicine easier for your pets to take.

Hard-to-Find Medications: If your pet’s usual medicine is no longer available from your vet or local pharmacy, we’ve got you covered. Compounding pharmacies can make a similar medicine so your pet doesn’t have to go without their necessary treatment.

Multiple Medications: If your pet needs to take several medications, a compounding pharmacy can mix them into one single dose that’s easy to give. This makes treating your pet simpler and less stressful for both you and your pet.

Our Services: Tailored Compounding Solutions

  • Pet Medication Compounding: Explore our extensive range of compounding services, including treatments for allergies and behavioural issues.

  • Specialty Compounding for Dogs and Cats: We offer services tailored to the most common pets, focusing on frequent health issues they encounter.

  • Exotic Animal Compounding: We provide unique solutions for exotic pets, which often require very specific and carefully controlled doses.

  • Emergency Pet Drug Compounding: Our rapid response services ensure that critical medications are available when most needed.

  • Compounded Veterinary Medicines for Allergies and Chronic Conditions: We offer customised treatments to manage and alleviate chronic conditions and allergies, improving your pets’ quality of life.

Custom Made. To suit your Pets!

Our pharmacy lab has a solution for your pets!

What to Look for in a Compounding Pharmacy

  1. Accreditation and Certification: Always verify that a compounding pharmacy has the necessary registrations with Pharmacy Council of NSW. In Australia, compounding pharmacies must adhere to the guidelines set by the Pharmacy Board of Australia and meet the standards of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Accreditation from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia or similar organisations also indicates a high standard of quality and safety.

  2. Experience with Veterinary Prescriptions: Choose a pharmacy that not only offers compounding services but also has extensive experience in veterinary medicine. They should be familiar with common veterinary formulations and capable of suggesting the best methods for administering medications to animals.

  3. Range of Services Offered: A reputable compounding pharmacy should offer a wide range of services and be able to compound various forms of medication, including liquids, pastes, and chewable tablets, which are often easier for pets to accept.

  4. Quality of Ingredients: The ingredients used in compounded medications must be of the highest quality. Ensure that the pharmacy sources their ingredients from reputable suppliers and that these are pure and pharmaceutical-grade.

  5. Consultation and Customer Service: The best compounding pharmacies provide excellent customer service. They should be approachable, knowledgeable, and ready to work alongside your veterinarian to achieve the best health outcomes for your pet.

How to Find a Compounding Pharmacy

Finding the right compounding pharmacy is essential for ensuring that your pet receives the best possible care tailored to their specific health needs.

At My Compounding, our commitment to excellence and detailed attention to veterinary prescriptions ensures that your pet’s health is in good hands.

To find our compounding pharmacy, visit us at 183 King Georges Rd Roselands, NSW 2196.

For more info, please call: 1300 631 931 or email: [email protected]

FAQs on Pet Medication Compounding

How do I know if my pet needs compounded medication?

  • Determining whether your pet requires compounded medication involves understanding your pet’s specific health needs and the limitations of standard pharmaceutical products. Compounded medications can be necessary for a variety of reasons:

    1. Dosage Requirements: Your pet may require a dosage that is not commercially available. For instance, very small pets might need a much smaller dose than what’s available in pre-manufactured options, or a specific dose might be necessary for optimal treatment efficacy.

    2. Administration Challenges: Some pets refuse to take medication due to the size, shape, or texture of standard pills. Compounding pharmacies can alter the form of the medication to make it easier to administer, such as turning it into a liquid, a flavoured chewable treat, or a topical gel.

    3. Ingredient Sensitivities: If your pet has allergies or sensitivities to certain dyes, preservatives, or fillers found in standard medications, a compounding pharmacy can create a formula without those problematic ingredients.

    4. Flavour Preferences: A major benefit of compounding is the ability to flavour medication to make it more appealing to pets. If your pet consistently rejects medication due to its taste, compounding it with a more favourable flavour might be the solution.

    5. Discontinued Medications: Sometimes, pharmaceutical companies discontinue medications. If your pet is stabilised on a medication that is no longer available, a compounding pharmacy can recreate that medication according to the original formula.

    In conclusion, if your pet faces any of the above issues with standard medications, consult with your veterinarian about the possibility of compounded medications. They can provide guidance and write a prescription for a formulation tailored specifically to your pet’s needs.

What are the most popular flavours for compounded pet medications?

  • When it comes to administering medication, the challenge often lies in getting your pet to willingly accept it. Compounding pharmacies address this issue by offering a variety of flavors to entice pets. The choice of flavor can significantly improve compliance, making medication time stress-free for both pets and their owners. Here are some of the most popular flavors:

    1. For Dogs: Dogs generally prefer meaty flavours. Some of the top choices include chicken, beef, and bacon, which align with their natural preference for savoury tastes. These flavours can mask the bitterness of medications effectively.

    2. For Cats: Cats have specific taste preferences and often favour fish-based flavours. Tuna, salmon, and sardine are particularly popular among feline patients. Some cats may also prefer chicken or beef.

    3. For Birds: Fruit flavours like cherry, grape, and banana can be appealing to many birds. These sweet and aromatic options help mask the medication’s taste and can make it seem like a treat.

    4. For Rabbits and Small Mammals: Herbivorous pets like rabbits and guinea pigs might enjoy fruity flavours or those derived from vegetables.

    5. Exotic Pets: For more exotic pets, the flavour choices might need to be more tailoured depending on the animal’s diet. For example, reptiles might need flavourings that mimic their natural food sources, like fish.

    These flavours not only make the medicine more appealing but also reduce the stress associated with administering medications. If you’re considering compounded medications for your pet, discuss flavour options with your compounding pharmacist who can recommend the best choices based on your pet’s preferences.

Is compounded medication safe?

Compounded medications are generally safe when prepared by a reputable and accredited compounding pharmacy. However, because compounded medications are tailored specifically to the needs of an individual patient, the safety and efficacy can depend on several factors. Ensure the compounding pharmacy you deal with are trained with veterinary medicine.

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