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At My Compounding, we understand the challenges veterinarians face in prescribing the exact medications for their pet patients. Our veterinary compounding pharmacy in Sydney is dedicated to providing you with compounded medicines suitable for treating all kinds of pets.

Our bespoke medication solutions service extensive areas of Australia. Our service for pets cater to areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin & Perth, amongst others.

Our Veterinary Compounding Services

Our compounding services include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Dosages: We create the exact dose required for animals of any size, reducing the risk of underdosing or overdosing.
  • Novel Delivery Systems: Whether it’s transdermal gels, pastes or liquids for cats to oral medications, or flavoured chews that dogs will eagerly consume, we can help.
  • Unavailable Medications: When commercial options are unavailable or discontinued, we can compound the necessary medications to ensure that treatment continues uninterrupted.
  • Flavour Customisation: Making medications more appealing to pets with flavours they love.
  • Allergy-Friendly Formulations: Preparing medications without ingredients that could cause an allergic reactions in sensitive pets.

We specialise in:

  • Dogs, cats and other pets
  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and other small animals
  • Birds, Reptiles, Snakes, Turtles and aquarium friendly animals.
  • Large animals, including horses and cattle

We courier or post veterinary medicines for animals throughout Australia with same day postage on many compounding medicines

Why Partner with My Compounding?

Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in veterinary compounding, our pharmacists are adept at creating precise, effective medications.

Quick Turnaround: We know that timely treatment is crucial. Our pharmacy is committed to providing quick and efficient service, ensuring that you receive the medications as promptly as possible.

Customised Pet Care: Our expertise in compounding allows us to formulate medications that are precisely tailored to the health requirements and preferences of your patients, from domestic pets to exotic animals.

Compliance and Quality: Accredited and recognised for our high standards, we ensure that every compounded medication is made with exceptional care.

How We Support Veterinarians

Consultation Services: Our pharmacists are available to discuss specific cases and medication needs, helping you determine the best compounding solutions for your patients.

Educational Support: We provide support and resources about the latest in compounding practices to help you stay informed on the best options available for your patients.

Reliable Supply: With a robust supply chain and in-house compounding capabilities, we ensure consistent availability of all compounded medications.

Have a specific formula in mind? We have over 20,000 formulations for your specific veterinarian needs. Speak to our compounding pharmacist to organise your own custom made, cost effective formula

We’re always available to discuss your specific veterinarian needs.

Custom Made. To suit your Pets!

Our pharmacy lab has a solution for your pets!

Contact Us

If you’re a vet or a pet owner in Australia looking for a reliable compounding pharmacy that can cater to the specific needs of your pets, look no further. Contact us today at 1300 631 931 or visit us at [email protected]. We’re here to assist with all your pet medication needs, ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Most Asked Questions About Veterinary Compounding

What is compounding in veterinary medicine?

Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalised medications for patients. In veterinary medicine, this means creating custom medication for animals based on their specific health requirements and preferences.

Is veterinary compounding common?

Yes, it is! When your vet prescribes a compounded medicine, trained pharmacists who really care about animals’ health and safety handle the compounding. This way, your pets get the medicine they need in a form that works best for them

How do I know if my pet needs compounded medicine?

You might hear this from your vet or the local pharmacist if your pet’s prescription needs to be specially made by a compounding pharmacy. If your furry friend struggles with regular pills or medicine, a compounded medicine, could be the answer. It’s a good idea to chat with your vet to see if a compounded medication is right for your pet.


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