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A collection of over 85 years of experience and thousands of solutions, Our compounding lab unfolds another solution for you!

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My Compounding

My Compounding is Australia’s Compounding Pharmacy recognised for it’s history of excellence and innovation in both pharmaceutical human and veterinary compounding medicine. Our team of qualified compounding experts are able to compound a preparation to meet the requirements of your prescription &/ or specific needs.

Specialising in both simple and complex compounding, our knowledge of pharmaceutical medicine and product development allows us to formulate both international and locally compounded preparations, using Australian suppliers approved by the Therapeutics Goods Administration known as the “TGA”. Our formulations are comprised of ingredients certified to meet APF, USP, BP, GMP Pharmacopoeia allowing us to prepare solutions beyond capsules, creams and ointments, to name a few.

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Our Story

My Compounding Pty Ltd was established in South Western Sydney of New South Wales, Roselands to address a gap within personalised medicine, in the pharmacy industry. Thanks to our directors extensive clinical and compounding experience, he was able to formulate an extensive array of solutions, beyond the proprietary standard. This lead to noticeable improvements of health outcomes for patients and his team during his time at NSW Health, initiated it’s development.

At My Compounding, we believe you are unique and your medicine should not be limited to a one size fit’s all solution. Our range of solutions are designed to meet the needs of each individual. Through precision, wisdom, knowledge and expertise we have been servicing our clients with only the highest quality compounds, derived from TGA approved Australian suppliers that meet both GMP and USP standards.

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Our team of expert chemists orchestrate the interaction of ingredients, to ensure you receive a truly effective product!


Other solutions extend in: Balms, conditioners, ear drops, enemas, foams, gels, gummies, lacquer, liquids, lollipops, lozenges, mouthwash, nasal sprays, paints, pessaries, rapid dissolve tablets, shampoos, suppositories, suspensions, treats, troches, topic sprays and more..

Specialties include: Acne, alopecia, amino acids, anaesthetics, antibiotics, Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Dental, Dermatology, Endocrine, H.Pylori eradication, Hyperpigmentation, Insomnia, Gastroenterology, Men’s Health, Melasma, Mood Disorders, Nutraceuticals, Paediatric Medicine, Pigmentation, Reflux, Skin Disorders, Vitiligo, Women’s Health and other health disorders, amongst others.

Our Vision

Compounding is an evolving area, so as the demand for compounded medications continues to increase, so will our solutions.

Think – Create – Innovate

Our Mission

Compounding is an evolving art and science. Every day our compounding pharmacy tackles various patient challenges and communicates with many practitioners to create safe and effective solutions. Our up to date high tech equipment and techniques allow us to create new novel compounds year after year.

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