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Orthoplex White SarcoCare + D Tablets 90

SarcoCare + D is a specialised support formula for muscle health that maintains muscle protein stores and muscle mass in ageing individuals.

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Orthoplex SarcoCare + D provides myHMB®, the trademark form of calcium beta-hydroxybetamethylbutyrate combined with vitamin D3. It has been specially formulated to support muscular health and function in a convenient, patient-friendly tablet.

Muscle health can decline as a result of normal ageing and reduced physical activity, such as periods of bedrest. MyHMB® supports neuromuscular function and helps maintain lean body mass and muscle protein stores in ageing individuals. With skeletal muscle also containing vitamin D receptors, the inclusion of colecalciferol helps prevent dietary vitamin D deficiency and supports vitamin D levels in the body.

  • Helps maintain lean body mass in ageing individuals
  • Supports muscle health and function
  • Supports neuromuscular function
  • Assists healthy bone development
  • Supports healthy immune system function



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