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Orthoplex White Methyl1C BioEnhanced Capsules 60

  • Orthoplex White Methyl1C BioEnhanced is a vegan-friendly, low excipient formula that combines Metafolin®, the highly researched and patented form of L-5-MTHF-Ca, with Methylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin, in addition to Ascorbic acid which may help to stabilise and protect Folate from oxidation.
  • This formula maintains the nervous system and immune system health.
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This comprehensive vitamin and mineral blend includes L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF), riboflavin, P-5-P, zinc, ascorbic acid and both hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin.

Orthoplex Methyl1C BioEnhanced is a vegan- friendly, low-excipient formula containing the antioxidant ascorbic acid which may help to stabilise and protect folate from oxidation; riboflavin sodium phosphate is a cofactor for the normal function of the MTHFR enzyme.



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