What is Compounding?

What is Pharmacy Compounding?

The art and science of preparing a formulation of a pharmaceutical medication to meet the needs of a patient. Pharmaceutical compounding allows the preparation of a medicine from scratch, tailored to meet requirements of an individual that is unavailable or not met by commercially available drugs.

Benefits of Compounding

Do you need a custom dosage form, like a cream, a gel, a suppository or even a lollipop, then talk to us. Find out more!

Compounded Medication

Now when doses of manufactured medications are not the right fit for you, your medicine is not available in Australia, is condsidered in critical shortage, or they just need to be combined with others alternatives, then compounding may be the solution.

Medication Review

Would you like to have a second set of eyes and opinion on your medications. Have them maximised for your best benefits and simplify things when needed? Let us work with your prescriber to adjust your medications when necessary

Supplement Review

Ready to address your current health issues with a more natural approach? Understanding what supplements and support your body needs using an evidence-based approach? Check to make sure your supplements and medications work well together.

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