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Orthoplex White CitraMag Capsules 120

  • Maintains the health and function of the nervous system
  • Supports energy levels
  • Maintains muscle health and function
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular system function
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Orthoplex CitraMag is a vegan-friendly, ultra-low excipient and bioavailable magnesium citrate that delivers high standards in magnesium purity.

Orthoplex CitraMag provides a highly affordable and exceptional quality magnesium that conforms to standards set by the United States Pharmacopoeia- National Formulary (USP-NF). USP-NF sets rigorous standards for ingredient identity, strength, quality and purity. CitraMag is specifically formulated to remove both common excipients and accessory vitamins and minerals, delivering 150mg of pure elemental magnesium with minimal excipients in vegan-friendly Vcaps®.



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