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BioCeuticals D3 Drops Forte Oral Liquid 20mL

D3 Drops Forte promotes bone health, aiding development and mineralization, while supporting immune and nervous system function, with a pleasant vanilla flavour.

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D3 Drops Forte supports bone health, assists in healthy bone development and helps to maintain bone mineralisation and bone strength. Vitamin D also supports healthy immune system function and helps maintain nervous system function. A pleasant tasting vanilla flavour.

  • Maintains bone health.
  • Assists healthy bone development.
  • Supports bone density.
  • Supports bone strength.
  • Helps maintain bone mineralisation.
  • Supports healthy immune system function.
  • Supports nervous system function.
  • 500 doses per bottle.
  • Glass bottle with measured dose dripolator.
  • No preservatives.



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