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BioCeuticals Clinical IM BioLytic Capsules 60

IM BioLytic features the proteolytic enzyme blend Serrazimes® AU to aid protein digestion, along with Ceylon cinnamon to relieve digestive problems.

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IM BioLytic is a formula with the proteolytic enzyme blend Serrazimes® AU to assist protein digestion. It contains Cinnamomum verum (Ceylon cinnamon), which is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve digestive discomfort, digestive spasms, flatulence and loss of appetite.

  • Cinnamon is traditonally used in western herbal medicine to relieve:
    • Digestive discomfort
    • Flatulence
    • Digestive spasms
    • Loss of appetite
  • Features Serrazimes® AU, a proteolytic enzyme blend.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.



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